Sunday, 19 July 2015

Donations - Offers and info!

The plan is:-

To ask for Donations to take the ability to use Bband to 7Gb thats £25 per month so if you are feeling generous at however much you wish to Donate - please use the Pay Pay button on the sidebar.

To selectively add some Affiliate Marketing - scroll down the page and there is now an Amazon ad on the sidebar - Amazon is really good for the New Micro Business (of which one strand is Private Tuition - so books and text books are cool)

To add Adsense selectively of course - but its a more complicated process and takes google ages to sort - plus they monitor how many views a blog receives before giving the ok.

To make some products with the photos on the blog and others - such as Key Rings, Photo Flip books, Calendars, Mugs with photos - all the usual products

Order form available very soon.  There are one or two stunningly awsome photos on the blog - and some mediocre ones but they would make super momento's!

There's a photo blog here - its a basic pic taking blog rather than a photographers showcase so be kind at the content.

Check out

Once there is double the Internet time more pics can be sorted and uploaded!  Sorting it all in the local library can become a chore. If you feel you can donate - please do so.

Creating all these inputs and starting a new Micro Business will take a while - links here soon.

Offers and Competitions planned with products as prizes!

For Donations

There's a Facebook with info from all around the UK at

Of course you will need a log in to view. Please click through to the Timeline.

There's a Local Area Tourism Twitter (tweets appear on the Wollypark Blog Sidebar)